h1>Become a Dental Assistant or Dental Hygienist in Florida

The nation’s fourth largest state offers fantastic opportunities both for dental assistants and dental hygienists in the coming years. [Seguir leyendo en español]

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that in the ten years to 2022, employment in dental assisting jobs in Florida will grow by as much as 28.6%. This means that there should be an average of 810 jobs openings per year.

For dental hygienists, the news is even better. It is predicted that jobs for these professionals will grow by an excellent 35.5%.


The state of Florida distinguishes between dental assistants that have been formally trained, and those that have learned their skills on the job.

On-the-job trained dental assistants acquire their skills in a dental office under the supervision of an appropriately licensed dentist. The dentist is responsible for ensuring that the dental assistant has adequate knowledge and skills to perform the basic assisting procedures as defined by the state’s dental practice act.

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