About Dental Assistant EDU

Dental Assistant EDU is intended to be an in-depth resource for aspiring dental assistants.  If you are an empathetic and detail-oriented person with good dexterity and communication skills, a career as a dental assistant would be an excellent fit for you. On this page, you’ll find state-by-state information, including local laws, requirements and potential educational opportunities for aspiring dental assistants.

Working as dental technicians has helped each of us to meet our career and financial goals. We care deeply about the work we do and love our daily interactions with our patients. Having gone through the training and worked in the field, each of us felt strongly about giving something back to the community of dental assistants.

Our goal in compiling this comprehensive data is to inform the career choices of our prospective colleagues. As such, we wish to clearly state that we have no financial ties to any of the organizations you will find highlighted on this page. We hope the information on this website will help you to make a final decision about your career goals and get started on the path to your future as a dental assistant.

Marcus Parsons, CDA

Writer and Editor

Marcus has a bachelor’s degree in creative writing and is a certified dental technician with nearly 20 years of experience. Until recently, Marcus worked in a family practice with his wife, Tracy, who is a DDS. He is now editing his most recent novel and anticipates publication soon. Aside from dentistry and writing, Marcus and Tracy are passionate about sailing and their two golden retrievers, Jenga and Lulu.

Lois Perino, CDA

Contributing Writer

Lois is a dental assistant and part-time faculty in a local dental assistant training program. She is happy to share her 20-plus years of experience in the field and works to ensure her students receive extensive, up-to-date training. Lois believes a small amount of goodness can change the world for the better and strives to live her life for the betterment of humanity.

Kristine Medellin, CDA

Contributing Writer

Kristine loves her career and is enthusiastic about sharing that love with new dental assistants. Although working in a pediatric dental office has its challenges, Kristine would not trade her job for anything in the world. Kristine and her husband, Shay, have a growing family, a house full of toys and a yard full of chickens.

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