Where Can I Learn Dental Anatomy Online?

If you’re planning to be a dental assistant, you won’t make it far without basic knowledge of dental anatomy. It’s not easy for everyone to afford enrollment in a university and train in person. However, you can learn about dental anatomy online. 

Here, we’ll talk about why this training is important and highlight some great opportunities to learn dental anatomy online.

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What is Dental Anatomy?

Dental anatomy makes up the study of the size, shape, structure, and composition of our teeth. It looks at factors like: 

  • How many teeth we have
  • How they fit together
  • What chemical elements they are made from 
  • What threatens their erosion

The study is as much about the taxonomy of different teeth elements as their function and how they work within a living organism, including how nerve endings detect hot and cold substances and send pain signals to the brain.

Why is it Important for Dental Assistants?

Understanding the anatomy of our teeth is a vital part of your job for a few reasons:

  • First of all, you patients need to have confidence that you have all the necessary knowledge and expertise to assist with a serious procedure.
  • Second, you must offer important advice to patients about the condition of their current teeth, what repairs might be needed, and what cleaning and washing techniques are best to ensure their long-term hygiene.

Where Can I Learn Dental Anatomy Online?

There are loads of great learning resources available to learn dental anatomy online.

One option is the Dental Anatomy: A Review course offered by the American Dental Assistants Association. The course has a particular focus on identifying teeth abnormalities. You’ll learn about conditions that require immediate treatment to avoid bigger problems later down the line. 

The online course is taught by Kimberly Bland, a well-respected tutor at Manatee Technical College who has many years of experience lecturing on the subject.

Another great option is the Digital Dental Resources: Dental Anatomy course provided by the University of Florida. This online resource includes a series of videos showing you the anatomical structure and function of different types of teeth, allowing you to break up the learning into small, bite-sized chunks.

The resource and other similar ones are available for free on the University of Florida Website once you sign up for an account.

Bottom Line

Understanding dental anatomy is important both for the hygiene of your teeth and your patients. You’ll want to ensure you’re getting the best education possible if you plan to be a dental assistant and advise others on their oral health.

The good news is there are plenty of high-quality courses online that can lead to enriching training and a fulfilling career. We recommend checking out the resources we provided above through your own research.