Georgia Highlands or Lanier? Which is Better for Dental Hygiene?

When looking for a dental hygiene school near Atlanta, GA, you must select the one that best suits your needs and goals. In this guide, we’ll compare Georgia Highlands College and Lanier Technical School to help you decide which is best for your career goals.

Georgia Highlands College

GHC is a public college located in the Northwest area of Georgia. Only the Heritage Hall location in Rome, Georgia (over a half-hour from Atlanta) offers the dental hygiene program.

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For GHC, the application for enrollment consists of a non-refundable $30 fee along with SAT/ACT scores unless your GPA is 2.0 or higher. In addition, official transcripts must be sent to the college either electronically or mailed directly. Enrollment requirements apply for both new students straight from high school and returning learners, though there is no GPA or standardized test requirement for the latter.


The selective program educates students in biology, sociology, and psychology over the course of two years. The program’s mission is to provide students with quality education by going beyond the traditional classroom setting and volunteering to provide free oral care to the community as a part of the curriculum, giving students real-world experience.


GHC provides aid to some students through institutional scholarships to ensure under-served students can focus on their education rather than tuition. They also provide resources for students to acquire additional financial aid.

Lanier Technical College

Based in Gainesville, FL, Lanier Technical College’s dental hygiene program is available at their Hall County campus in Georgia, more than an hour outside Atlanta.


LTC requires students to meet standardized test scores and submit proof of a high school diploma (or GED if applicable). They must also have completed 38 credit hours of prerequisite coursework to apply for the program. While it may not be the only dental hygiene school near Atlanta, GA, the selection process is competitive.


Students receive extensive education in chemistry, biology, and sociology, in addition to the general and specialized education for the program. The technical skills required for dental hygiene require hands-on work, which students gain through a curriculum designed to create workers that exemplify a positive and productive work ethic. 


LTC lists several resources available, including tutoring and counseling to keep students on track. There is also a webinar available that focuses on honing studying skills.


When looking for a dental hygiene school near Atlanta, GA, GHC and LTC are excellent options. GHC is closer to Atlanta, and the program offers a heavy emphasis on community work as part of the curriculum. LTC is further from Atlanta but provides more resources for students in their competitive program. Take the time to weigh your options and decide which is best for helping you accomplish your goals.

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