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How Much Can Dental Assistants Make in Idaho?

Idaho is one of America’s biggest states by area, although it has a relatively small, low-density population. In both urban and rural settings, the state’s residents call on the services of healthcare providers such as dentists and dental assistants.

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The state’s dental workforce is prepared to meet the needs of patients, with over 1,200 dentists and more than 2,000 dental assistants currently licensed to practice in Idaho. The majority of the state’s dentists work in private practice, while around a quarter are employed by dental schools or other educational institutions.

The number of dental assistants working in Idaho is growing slowly over time. Over a ten-year span starting in 2016, the state will gain about 40 new assistant positions. Through growth and job turnover, dentists in Idaho list about 100 openings for dental assistants in the typical year.

Idaho dental assistants make an average of just over $34,500 annually. This level of earnings falls well below the $41,000-plus made by the middle tier of assistants nationwide. The top 10 percent of Idaho dental assistants make an average of $45,700 a year.

AreaNameBase YearEmployedProjection YearProjected EmploymentChange% ChangeProjected Average Annual Job Openings
United States2018346,0002026384,70038,70019.5%44,800

StateTotal EmployedHourly MeanHourly MeanAnnual Mean10th Percentile25th PercentileAnnual Median75th Percentile

Dental assistants working in Idaho can expect significant regional differences in yearly earnings. The highest average salary, $37,000-plus, is found in the Lewiston metro area on the Washington border. Assistants working in the Logan area make fully $10,000 less each year.

AreaTotal EmployedHourly MeanAnnual Mean10th Percentile25th PercentileAnnual Median75th Percentile90th Percentile
Boise City, ID750$17.72$36,860$27,430$31,220$36,610$41,670$48,380
Coeur d'Alene, ID250$18.00$37,440$30,130$34,230$37,490$40,910$46,800
Idaho Falls, ID300$16.64$34,600$26,740$29,500$33,410$39,280$46,530
Lewiston, ID-WA100$17.85$37,120$25,070$33,330$37,100$41,070$48,810
Logan, UT-ID230$13.09$27,220$20,220$22,910$26,250$30,560$36,650
Pocatello, ID210$14.40$29,960$22,700$25,910$29,220$34,100$39,110
Twin Falls, ID180$15.94$33,160$26,300$28,710$32,740$37,870$41,710

Dental assistants and medical assistants make roughly the same amount of money in Idaho. However, physical therapy assistants have much higher salaries.

OccupationTotal EmployedHourly MeanAnnual Mean10th Percentile25th PercentileAnnual Median75th Percentile90th Percentile
Pharmacy Technicians2190$17.60$36,600$26,570$31,420$36,150$41,860$48,590
Nursing Assistants7210$13.92$28,950$21,950$24,740$28,470$32,340$37,750
Physical Therapist Assistants590$24.60$51,170$22,800$31,310$55,360$63,300$75,260
Dental Assistants2260$16.62$34,580$26,020$29,180$34,440$39,510$45,700
Medical Assistants3350$16.69$34,710$25,800$29,160$34,480$39,310$45,030

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