How Much Do Dental Assistants Make in Mississippi?

Mississippi is one of America’s smaller states, in terms of both population and square mileage. In communities across the state, reliable dental care plays an important role in public health. Along with the dentists they work for, dental assistants help ensure this care is available.

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The job market for Mississippi dental assistants is steady. In the decade between 2016 and 2026, the state will increase the number of assistant positions by just 1 percent. However, through job turnover, about 240 openings for current positions must be filled in the typical year.

Mississippi ranks on the low side when it comes to dental assistant salaries. The state average of $32,770 sits well below than the typical level for the U.S. as a whole. However, the best-paid assistants working in the state can expect to make about $13,000 more annually.

AreaNameBase YearEmployedProjection YearProjected EmploymentChange% ChangeProjected Average Annual Job Openings
United States2018346,0002026384,70038,70019.5%44,800
StateTotal EmployedHourly MeanHourly MeanAnnual Mean10th Percentile25th PercentileAnnual Median75th Percentile

Dental assistants working in two metro regions – Jackson and greater Memphis – have substantially higher average salaries than assistants working elsewhere. The lowest average salary is found in the Gulfport-Biloxi-Pascagoula region.

AreaTotal EmployedHourly MeanAnnual Mean10th Percentile25th PercentileAnnual Median75th Percentile90th Percentile
Gulfport-Biloxi-Pascagoula, MS330$14.92$31,030$21,890$24,180$28,540$36,680$42,300
Hattiesburg, MS200$15.70$32,650$23,350$26,220$30,950$38,330$43,120
Jackson, MS390$17.90$37,230$25,870$30,510$36,520$44,670$50,170
Memphis, TN-MS-AR1340$17.84$37,110$23,500$28,020$34,760$45,420$57,040

Mississippi dental assistants make roughly the same income as the state’s pharmacy assistants. Medical and nursing assistants make less than dental assistants. Physical therapist assistants make more.

OccupationTotal EmployedHourly MeanAnnual Mean10th Percentile25th PercentileAnnual Median75th Percentile90th Percentile
Pharmacy Technicians3450$15.72$32,700$23,040$26,480$30,620$36,950$43,410
Nursing Assistants13600$11.53$23,980$17,970$20,350$23,100$26,510$31,060
Physical Therapist Assistants810$23.22$48,290$20,920$31,920$50,410$62,550$74,360
Dental Assistants2230$15.76$32,770$23,040$26,620$31,100$38,570$45,820
Medical Assistants3590$14.75$30,690$22,140$25,730$29,460$33,900$39,480