The Valley vs. The Los Angeles Schools of Dental Assisting

Picking a dental assisting school in South California? Our Los Angeles vs. the Valley School of Dental Assisting review provides all the information you need to find out which school is best for you.

The Valley School of Dental Assisting: Review

The VSDA offers a variety of courses over two campuses, with in-class and practical training preparing you for a first career in dental assisting. Its campuses are located at Encino and Downey. Encino is Northwest of Los Angeles and is more accessible from the outside, while Downey is south.

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All courses are approved by the Dental Board and include studies in X-Ray, Sealants, and Ultrasonic Scaling, as well as full courses that teach you how to work as a registered dental assistant. With a wide variety of courses allowing you to update your knowledge or train for a specialist area as well as general programs, there’s something for everyone here.

Study methods include hands-on practical work as well as classroom learning. The school offers advanced services to help graduates find their first professional jobs and the opportunity for continuing education after graduation.

The school encourages prospective students to tour the facilities and find out more about campus life at each location before enrolling.

Los Angeles School of Dental Assisting: Review

The LASDA specializes in helping students learn around their current work schedules and transitioning to assisting careers. The campus is located centrally on Beverly Blvd. Its place in the heart of the city offers students easy access to the thriving city life of central Los Angeles. Prospective students are encouraged to visit and discover more.

LASDA offers a full course in dental assisting, alongside additional courses in subjects like:

The course leader, Dr. Fernando de la Pena, has experience as an assistant and as a fully qualified dental practitioner. Coursework integrates both seminars and practical training that should prepare students for board certification and their first professional job. 

These are not prerequisites to its full course, but there are complementary modules students can take if they wish to specialize in their careers. LASDA also offers an accelerated program to help students transition quickly into a full-time career.

Bottom Line

Based on our Los Angeles and Valley School of Dental Assisting review, we’ve found that schools offer excellent prospects for graduates with a hands-on learning experience. The multiple campuses make the VSDA more flexible, but the unique tutelage at LASDA is also very appealing. 

We encourage students to visit the campuses and meet the staff before enrolling.

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