Wayne County Community College vs. Detroit Mercy Dental: Which is Better for Dental Hygiene?

Becoming a dental hygienist in Detroit is an exciting life decision. However, you will need access to the best education to prepare you for a career in this city. 

So which are the best dental hygiene schools in Detroit? We compare the best options in our guide.

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Wayne County Community College

Wayne County Community District College (WCCDC)

Wayne County Community District College (WCCDC) is a well-regarded school with excellent graduation prospects. It specializes in the fundamentals of dental hygiene, equipping its students with wide-ranging and relevant knowledge. The college is on the Northside of the river in central Detroit. It offers great access to the city and is easily accessible from most locations.

The courses offered by WCCDC are varied and often classroom-intensive, giving students a strong knowledge of the fundamentals before they move onto advanced training. Advanced studies in human anatomy and physiology make this a much more comprehensive program.

Although the study is classroom-focused, practical guidance is also an integral part of the learning process. The college focuses on getting its graduates into their first professional roles and is a placement-oriented program.

Detroit Mercy Dental

University of Detroit Mercy - School of Dentistry Dental Clinic

The University of Detroit Mercy Dental School is an impressive research institution and a great place to obtain professional experience. The campus is located within the School of Dentistry in central Detroit, just north of the river, which puts the culture and nightlife of Detroit within easy reach.

Of all the dental hygiene schools in Detroit, this arguably offers the more intensive program. As part of a university, students should expect full enrollment in an accredited dental hygiene program and continuing education opportunities.

The curriculum is designed with a mixture of classroom and practical learning training. The programs offer collaborative learning experiences with other parties in the School of Dentistry, which is unique compared to other dental hygiene schools in Detroit. You can expect a varied and intensive learning experience with these courses.

Best Dental Hygiene Schools Detroit: Verdict

Of the dental hygiene schools in Detroit, the Detroit Mercy program offers arguably a more comprehensive education, while the Wayne County program is geared towards helping you find your first professional placement. 

No matter which you choose, both are excellent dental hygiene schools in Detroit. We recommend visiting the campuses and speaking directly with faculty to get a better sense of which school will be best for you.


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