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Become a Dental Assistant in Cincinnati

Cincinnati is a city with a relatively low cost of living and an excellent place to begin your dental assisting career. Perhaps you grew up along the Ohio River or you were drawn to Cincinnati because of its excellent public and private schools. Either way, this city’s wealth of attractions, night life and sports events should provide you with a well-rounded career and personal life.

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With a large selection of dental assistant training programs and a positive career outlook, Cincinnati is a great place to get your start. The profession of dental assisting is rising quickly across the country. It’s expected to increase 19 percent by the year 2026, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Becoming a dental assistant has never been a better choice.

Educational Opportunities

There is a wide range of educational options in Cincinnati for those who want to pursue a dental assisting career. They range in program length and cost, meaning there is a good fit for everyone. Here are a couple options:

Great Oaks Career Campuses, Cincinnati review.
  • Great Oaks Career Campuses. Great Oaks offers dental assisting training for both high school students and adult students. It’s accredited by the Commission of the Council on Occupational Education (COE). Prerequisites for the 45-week adult program include a high school diploma or GED, cleared background checks and an acceptable placement test score.
  • ADAPT Dental. At ADAPT, you can enroll in a 10-week dental assisting program for beginners. The program includes eight externship hours. Students receive a two-year CPR certification and Ohio Radiology Certificate. ADAPT is certified through the Ohio Board of Career Colleges and Schools.

Dental Assistant Details in Cincinnati

In 2018, 2,200 dental assistants were employed in the city of Cincinnati. That number will surely increase over the years, as the Projections Managing Partnership predicts Ohio dental assistant employment will rise 11 percent by 2026.

Cincinnati’s dental assistants are also the second highest paid in the state, with a median income of $18.46 per hour reported in 2018.

Creating a Life in Cincinnati

Cincinnati offers a wealth of attractions to keep you busy when you’re not working. If an exciting night life is what you’re after, check out the entertainment at downtown Fountain Square or the Cincinnati’s robust brewery tradition. For weekend excursions, you can check out the Botanical Gardens, Cincinnati Zoo and Newport Aquarium. Sports enthusiasts will feel at home in this city, home of the Reds and Bengals. With excellent job prospects and endless recreational opportunities, dental assistants in Cincinnati should have no problem feeling at home.