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Dental Assistant Careers in Toledo, Ohio

If you find yourself starting a dental assistant career in Toledo, Ohio, you’re in the right place. Located along the Maumee River, Toledo is nicknamed the “Glass City” because of its roots in the glass-making industry. Residents here enjoy a low cost of living, and they’re just a short drive from both Detroit and Cleveland.

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University of Toledo makes its home here, so the population includes lots of scholars, professors and university workers. Toledo’s laid-back Midwest nature and low cost of living makes it a comfortable place to begin your career.

Multiple Dental Assisting Schools

Dental assistants who are trained in multiple skill sets are more likely to be hired. The best way to ensure your success and future as a dental assistant is by attending an accredited training program. Options for Toledo residents include:

Maumee Valley Dental Assisting School
Maumee Valley Dental Assisting School
  • Maumee Valley Dental Assisting School. Located southwest of Toledo in Napoleon, this 10-week dental assisting program meets every Saturday. This is a state-approved school, which teaches students in a practicing dental office. Books and supplies are included with tuition.
  • Owens Community College. Students at Owens can earn a Dental Assisting Certificate. Admission to this college requires a 2.0 GPA, a physical exam and cleared background check. Graduates of the program are eligible to take the Ohio Dental Assisting Certification Exam.
  • Northwest Ohio Dental Assisting School. Complete this school’s dental assisting program in approximately three months. Classes are held all day, every day.

Dental Assistants in Toledo

In 2018, 470 dental assistants were employed within Toledo. That number is sure to increase, as the Projections Managing Partnership predicts an 11 percent increase in Ohio dental assistant employment by 2026. Statewide, Ohio has an average of 1,330 new dental assistant jobs per year.

Toledo dental assistants earned a median income of $17.22 per hour in 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Working as a Dental Assistant in Toledo

When you’re not busy building your dental assistant career, you can enjoy a culturally diverse city full of outdoor attractions. Toledo is home to the Greek-American festival, German-American festival and African-American festival each year.

Catch sports events and concerts at the Huntington Center, which operates year-round. Other notable attractions include the Toledo Museum of Art, the Toledo-area Metroparks and the Toledo Zoo. You can even take a day trip to nearby Cedar Point amusement park for a thrill. Between working as a dental assistant and enjoying your personal life, Toledo will definitely keep you busy and fulfilled.