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Dental Assistant Salaries in Georgia

Dental assistants and other trained healthcare professionals in Georgia are in high demand. Besides an aging population, there is growing awareness of the importance of preventative care in both healthcare and dental care among consumers. With over 10 million people calling this state home, Georgia is the eighth most populous state in the United States.

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Job opportunities for dental assistants in the state of Georgia are expected to grow steadily at approximately 24.3 percent between 2016 and 2026.

Compared to the national average, the salary earned by dental assistants in Georgia is almost the same or slightly less than the average amount earned across the country for this field

AreaNameBase YearEmployedProjection YearProjected EmploymentChange% ChangeProjected Average Annual Job Openings
United States2018346,0002026384,70038,70019.5%44,800
StateTotal EmployedHourly MeanHourly MeanAnnual Mean10th Percentile25th PercentileAnnual Median75th Percentile

The largest number of job opportunities are usually in the most densely populated areas such as Atlanta, Sandy Springs and Roswell. The highest paid opportunities are usually in the same areas along with the Gainesville area, Athens and Clark County. Dental assistant jobs in less densely populated areas such as Albany and Macon tend to pay slightly less.

AreaTotal EmployedHourly MeanAnnual Mean10th Percentile25th PercentileAnnual Median75th Percentile90th Percentile
Albany, GA80$15.82$32,900$19,790$31,040$35,120$37,980$40,150
Athens-Clarke County, GA170$20.10$41,820$28,010$34,620$41,680$49,060$57,410
Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Roswell, GA5370$20.39$42,400$31,330$35,230$42,420$49,910$56,010
Augusta-Richmond County, GA-SC720$18.70$38,890$26,650$32,950$39,190$46,490$50,690
Brunswick, GA**$18.04$37,520$30,710$33,990$37,170$40,350$47,360
Chattanooga, TN-GA490$17.98$37,410$26,500$31,660$37,400$42,160$50,330
Columbus, GA-AL270$17.26$35,910$24,680$30,280$35,790$41,200$47,140
Dalton, GA**$17.25$35,880$27,190$30,330$35,400$40,880$48,400
Gainesville, GA250$20.72$43,110$24,260$36,370$44,510$50,560$59,430
Hinesville, GA70$17.92$37,280$27,770$31,150$36,750$43,420$48,040
Macon, GA210$16.45$34,210$20,630$32,580$36,480$39,930$42,970
Rome, GA70$18.39$38,250$31,940$34,250$37,490$40,850$48,490
Savannah, GA380$16.73$34,790$28,950$32,390$35,220$38,010$40,120
Valdosta, GA120$17.55$36,490$25,560$32,850$36,340$39,820$47,290
Warner Robins, GA130$19.65$40,860$30,320$33,980$39,690$47,510$55,660

Healthcare careers are attractive because they’re typically well-paid and rewarding careers. Jobs in dental assisting are paid more than many of the other healthcare career opportunities in Georgia such as nursing assistants, medical assistants or pharmacy technicians. The one healthcare career that is more highly compensated than dental assisting is physical therapist assistant.

OccupationTotal EmployedHourly MeanAnnual Mean10th Percentile25th PercentileAnnual Median75th Percentile90th Percentile
Pharmacy Technicians11360$15.08$31,360$21,320$25,150$30,120$36,770$43,320
Nursing Assistants33420$13.41$27,890$19,880$22,280$25,790$30,510$36,500
Physical Therapist Assistants2570$26.45$55,010$25,490$39,780$58,200$70,080$78,740
Dental Assistants8790$19.21$39,960$27,750$33,310$39,110$47,660$53,740
Medical Assistants27180$16.01$33,300$24,000$27,950$32,990$38,310$43,200
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