Which Is Better for Dental Assisting: Concorde Career College vs. Metropolitan Community College? 

If you want to be a dental assistant in Missouri, you need the proper training and education. Luckily, several programs in the area offer high-quality programs at an affordable price. 

If you’re looking for which school would be the best fit, this is the guide for you. Learn more about what both Concorde Career College and Metropolitan Community College give to students and see which will best prepare you to be a dental assistant in Missouri below. 

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These programs offer two options for completion: 

  • A 2-semester certification
  • A 4-semester associate’s degree

Either track will qualify you to be a dental assistant in Missouri according to state requirements. However, having an associate’s degree may give you an edge in interviews with some employers. 

These curriculums cover all the basics you need to know, from behind-the-desk responsibilities to operating x-ray machinery and sitting chairside with patients. 

What sets the two programs apart is Metropolitan’s commitment to its Expanded Function Dental Assistant certification, which allows you to perform some advanced duties that wouldn’t be covered in your typical program. 


Corcorde Career College-Kansas City

Both colleges have dental assistant courses held in two separate locations. However, both campuses for Metropolitan are downtown, whereas Concorde has one downtown location and one location at 1-435 and State Line. 

For those who can’t easily make their way downtown, this additional location option from Concorde may make classes more accessible. 

Hands-On Opportunities

With the demand for assistants growing so quickly, having the right skills right out of your degree program allows you to hit the ground running and have your choice of jobs. Luckily, both Metropolitan and Concorde offer hands-on training, so you get both the knowledge and skills every assistant needs. 

Metropolitan sends students to clinics around the city, but Concorde emphasizes its externship program. If you want to work with one clinic to learn the ins and outs of their office, completing Concorde’s program and externship may be the best choice. 

Choosing Concorde Career College or Metropolitan Community College

Concorde may be the obvious choice for those who prefer to attend school on the south side of Kansas City. However, Metropolitan’s Expanded Function Dental Assistant certification may be worth attending downtown if you want as many accreditations as possible. 

Both offer similar curriculums and hands-on training to refine important skills. So no matter which you choose, you’ll have the right education to start your career on the right path.

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