ACI Medical & Dental School vs. Institute Of Advanced Dental Education—A Head-to-Head Comparison

Deciding what school is best for you will help you pursue your desired career, so making an educated choice is essential. Here, we review the leading programs in Eatontown, NJ: Institute Of Advanced Dental Education vs. ACI Medical & Dental School. 

About the Programs

Located in Eatontown, NJ, ACI Medical & Dental School promotes three primary programs of study: the Medical Assistant Program, Dental Assistant Program, and Administrative Assistant Program. For those already in the field, secondary programs are available for those who qualify and want to pursue additional certifications. 

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Meanwhile, only minutes from the Garden State parkway in Colts Neck, NJ, the Institute of Advanced Dental Education incorporates three high-quality monitors in the classroom while offering live, hands-on experiences. Courses cover material from Basic Life Support to 3D Digital Technologies. Students learn in a collaborative, fast-paced environment that they can work through in just a few months.

Job Growth

Due to a high growth rate, assistants are in high demand. By emphasizing hands-on learning, the Institute of Advanced Dental Education provides the skills and confidence necessary to secure a position in a field with opportunities for advancement.

ACI Medical & Dental School, Eatontown NJ

ACI Medical & Dental School provides career services to help students find work in their field while also requiring students to complete an internship to ensure they are prepared to enter the workforce. Their Career Assistance Program includes services such as resume assistance, networking, and letters of recommendation.


While most assistants are employed full-time, the ability to work part-time is possible, allowing them to pursue additional certifications. ACI offers LIVE distance online learning to facilitate part-time enrollment even further. With its flexible learning model, classes are available on a broader time frame to accommodate students in all programs. 

The Institute of Advanced Dental Education allows for an expedited pace in learning, allowing students to join the workforce quickly after obtaining the necessary skills.


The Institute of Advanced Dental Education takes pride in its focus on hands-on learning, giving students ample time to practice the skills they will need on the job while also encouraging a fast-paced curriculum. 

Meanwhile, our review finds that ACI Medical & Dental School offers flexibility with course schedules and online learning alongside services to help students find the right placement upon completing their coursework. 

When determining which school is right for you, you must consider what to prioritize for your career. See other dental assistant schools in New Jersey.

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