American Institute vs. OCVTS: Which Is Better For Dental Assisting In Tom’s River?

Finding the right dental assistant school in Tom’s River means finding the right path for you as you pursue your career. Here we look at two of the top programs in the area: American Institute vs. Ocean County Vocational Technical School. 

About the Program

American Institute offers a dental assisting program that focuses on head and neck anatomy while also educating students about patient rights and dental ethics. With a flexible, hybrid curriculum, students can complete training in person and at a distance. The hybrid model allows students to work at their own pace and connect with educators off-campus.

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Ocean County Vocational Technical School offers a dental assisting program with an emphasis on prevention techniques. The program spans two years and requires clinical experience in a dental office to graduate. This structure ensures students are knowledgeable and practiced in their work before obtaining their license. As a note, high school seniors receive priority when registering for this program.


American Institute strives to create a supportive learning environment driven by integrity and innovation. Upon graduation, they also provide resources to students to help as they continue to grow in their careers, pairing with them in their job search to help them be successful.

OCVTS models accountability for dental assisting in Tom’s River, dedicated to educating productive members of society. Their dental assisting program aims to provide students with the tools necessary to enter the growing workforce.


American Institute, Toms River, NJ; review

American Institute schedules an interview to meet with prospective students, after which a tour of the campus may follow. The interview is to help students discuss their career goals and find the right program. Parents, significant others, and children are encouraged to be a part of this process, as it will help determine the best course of action for the student. 

OCVTS does not require an interview before looking over the application. The application process is online for convenience, and there is a live virtual information session that prospective students can attend. Admissions materials are available through this session.


When searching for the best dental assistant school in Tom’s River, consider what your needs are. If you need a flexible, hybrid classroom to meet your schedule, American Institute provides that environment alongside career services to assist you after graduation. If you are looking for a program that emphasizes the clinical experience and are a senior in high school, the dental assistant program OCVTS may be for you.

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