Studying Dental Hygiene at Camden County College

Camden County College offers many courses of study for eager students, including a dental hygiene program. Curious to learn what this program is like for students? Keep reading – we’ll tell you everything you should now about studying dental hygiene at Camden County College.

About the Dental Hygiene Program at Camden County College

This program is designed for students seeking to become licensed dental hygienists. These health care professionals work under the direction of a dentist. They track dental history, create oral charts for evaluation, polish and scale the teeth, and are oral health educators. The dental hygiene program at Camden County College is a full-time, two-year, daytime program designed to prepare students for licensure exams. 

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Program Goals

The goal of the dental hygiene program is to prepare students for the next step in their careers. Yes, the licensure exams are important, but so is understanding the day-to-day expectations of a dental hygienist. 

The ultimate goal of the program is to produce graduates who can: 

  • Apply basic dental science and dental hygiene skills and knowledge.
  • Identify information resources and research techniques to find information when needed.
  • Efficiently apply computer skills to operate software, including taking intra-oral photographs, digital radiographs, tracking patient records, and obtaining periodontal charting.
  • Provide assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning, implementation, and evaluation care.
  • Conduct educational programs geared toward preventative oral care.
  • Provide compassionate, humane, and non-discriminatory care for patients


To achieve these lofty goals, the dental hygiene program at Camden County College must provide well-rounded coursework. As a two-year program, students earn an Associate in Applied Science degree. Required coursework includes general education requirements, such as English Composition, as well as:

  • Hygiene Clinic Practices
  • Periodontics
  • Radiology
  • Ethics, Jurisprudence, and Ethics Management
  • And More


Camden County College campus

The Camden County College campus is located in Blackwood, New Jersey. The campus serves the surrounding area as a source of transfer education, cultural events, and workforce training. The campus not only includes classroom services, but also a student service center, library, bookstore, and gym. 

Career Opportunities 

The proximity to major cities, including New York and Philadelphia, make Camden County College uniquely placed to advance career opportunities. After preparing for federal, state, and regional licensure exams, the students are able to tap into the oral health community to connect with job opportunities. Dental hygienists educated at Camden County College have excellent career prospects upon graduation. 


Overall, studying dental hygiene at Camden County College will provide you with the opportunities you need to not only become a licensed dental hygienist but gain employment in the Tri-state area.

We recommend visiting the official website to learn more about the program and campus. Campus tours are also available to see all the resources offered outside of the educational program.

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