Florida Career College vs. Concorde: Which Is Better for Dental Assisting?

If you want to start a career in dental assistance, there are plenty of places out there where you can get the necessary training.

This blog post will compare two popular programs: dental assisting at Concorde and dental assisting at Florida Career College. Use this guide to decide which will work best for you in starting a lucrative career.

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Dental Assisting at Concorde

Concorde’s Tampa campus is conveniently located in the Northwest Tampa Bay area, not far from the international airport. The campus has been around for over 40 years and is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges.

Dental assisting at Concorde is a 9-month program which covers the essential skills like oral hygiene advice, payment processing, radiology, tool sterilization and record keeping. 

The course includes a work experience externship in a dental practice and offers career planning sessions to give you the right skills to build connections in the industry.

Dental Assisting at Florida Career College

Located to the east of Tampa Bay, Florida Career College opened in 2014 and specializes in business and health programs. It is accredited by the Commission of the Council on Occupational Education.

Dental assisting at Florida Career College is a 10-month program designed to teach you everything you need to become a respected assistant, including radiographic, preventative, and clinical procedures. You’ll be awarded a diploma at the end of the course.

It’s not just about the theory—you get a lot of practice, too, with a 170-hour externship in a dental practice in which you can test out your skills and build experience with someone who might become your future employer.

Verdict: Which Course Is Best for You?

Now that you’ve heard about both courses, it’s time to decide which will work best for you.

Dental assisting at Florida Career College could be right for you if you prefer practical learning over theoretical. The program offers an extensive work experience component that gives you lots of on-the-job learning experience.

However, dental assisting at Concorde could be the better option for you if you want a shorter course that allows you to get a full-time job right away. The career planning sessions included in the course could be vital for you if you need help preparing a CV and securing a job to move into after you graduate.

Ultimately, the decision is yours based on the type of learning environment and career track you value. But both these programs are sure to give you a solid footing and start to your career as a dental assistant.

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