Which Is Best? AVM Dental Assistant School or South Florida Dental Assisting School?

Dental assisting is a fantastic career choice, and there are loads of opportunities for qualified candidates. However, you need to choose the right Florida college to reach your potential. 

AVM Dental Assistant School in Coral Gables, FL, and South Florida Dental Assisting School in Hialeah, FL, offer some of the best courses in Florida. Let’s explore them, so you can decide which is your best fit. 

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AVM Dental Assistant School in Coral Gables

Coral Gables is a stunning spot to study with its natural beauty, architectural features, and culture. At AVM, you’ll learn entry-level dental assisting alongside a hands-on Expanded Duties program. 

The 13-week course equips students to be competent assistants to a dentist. At the end of the course, students do a 50-hour externship at a local dentistry practice to gain work experience. 

Students receive weekly class schedules and lesson plans. Theory lectures run first thing, followed by a two-hour laboratory session. 

Students learn to help dentists and hygienists with procedures, including how to: 

  • Prepare materials, instruments, and equipment, and correctly sterilize them
  • Identify instruments and safely pass them
  • Formulate patient charts
  • Use topical anesthetics
  • Take and process X-rays
  • Make tooth impressions

Once the course and externship are completed and financials settled, students receive their marks and a Certificate of Completion. The program is affordable, and after-hours classes are available. 

South Florida Dental Assisting School in Hialeah, FL

Hialeah is a metropolitan hotspot where students can enjoy city life. South Florida Dental Assistant School in Hialeah, FL, teaches an accelerated 12-week program. 

This course runs in the evenings and on Saturdays, so it’s ideal for students with full or part-time jobs working toward a career change. 

The program is run from an office by a practicing dentist, thereby providing an invaluable hands-on learning experience. Class sizes are small, so students get valuable individual attention. Students learn to master the specialized skills they need to be superior, capable assistants. 

The school is affiliated with the Florida Board of Dentistry and the Florida Commission for Independent Education. The course is affordable, and financing is available. They also offer job placement.


As you can see, both schools offer excellent accelerated programs. The right one for you depends on your learning style. 

Do you learn best in the classroom? Then AVM Dental Assistant School in Coral Gables is ideal. 

Do better in a hands-on learning environment? The South Florida Dental Assistant School in Hialeah may then suit you better.


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