NC Dental U: A Review

NC Dental U, an affiliate of East Carolina University, provides accelerated courses for students looking to become dental assistants. It is located in Wake Forest, to the northeast of Raleigh.

Going through a long curriculum simply isn’t an option for everyone interested in becoming a professional in dentistry. NC Dental U makes it possible for everyone with their program. 

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Address: 123 Capcom Ave STE 4, Wake Forest, NC 27587, United States

Dental Certification Available

For those looking to become a dental assistant (DAI or DAII), North Carolina has specific requirements for training, education, and experience. NC Dental U provides all the requirements for DAIs and DAIIs in North Carolina so that students can quickly become certified assistants. 

Program Specialization 

Beyond the general certification, NC Dental U also provides programs for students to specialize in a niche of dentistry. Specialization increases a candidate’s value on the job market and helps them address specific problems. These programs include:

  • Assisting
  • Receptionist
  • X-Rays
  • Nitrous
  • Coronal Polishing

As the country faces a serious shortage of industry professionals, being prepared with specialized skills is critical for supporting the industry and the professionals hard at work helping patients. 

NC Dental U

Flexible Scheduling

Between work, family, and responsibilities, most students enrolled in dentistry programs are busy. That’s why finding a program like NC Dental U is an integral part of becoming a certified assistant. Other schools may only provide day courses or classes spaced throughout the day. This school has flexible courses so that students can find class hours that fit their schedules. 

Clinical Experience

How can a student be sure that they’re learning without testing their skills? At NC Dental U, students get clinical experience. 

Here, enrollees have real opportunities to apply their studies and get the hours needed for certification. The experience not only accelerates the certification path but makes the candidate more attractive to future employers. 

North Carolina State Board Licensed 

This school is licensed by the North Carolina State Board of Community Colleges. It’s programs are not accredited however by the ADA. This may be more or less important to you depending on where you want to work. Their awards may be less valuable outside the state.


When finding an ideal career path, no one wants to spend more time than necessary to get there. That’s what makes accelerated programs so valuable to students. However, NC Dental U doesn’t just provide accelerated programs. It also offers career specialization and clinical experiences to give its graduates the best education. 

If you’re looking to enter the industry but need flexible courses that fit your schedule, NC Dental U could be what you need to achieve your goals. Check out other options in North Carolina.

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