Triangle vs. Sunrise: Which Is the Better School in the Northern Raleigh Area?

Looking to train to become a dental assistant in the Northern Raleigh area? There are some great programs out there for you to choose from.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the offerings from each of the Triangle School of dental assisting and the Sunrise School of dental assisting and help you figure out which is the best fit for your needs.

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Triangle School of Dental Assisting

The Triangle School of dental assisting is located off the 540 on Six Forks Road in the Carriages At Allyns Landing neighborhood. The program prepares you to receive the Dental Assisting 1 (DA 1) Certificate, which includes all the necessary competencies to work with patients, such as sterilizing equipment and dealing with infections.

The program includes training and certification to monitor the correct levels of nitrous oxide and provides you with the radiology skills needed to take good-quality x-rays of patients.

The school offers resume training and support – giving you the insight you need to put together the ideal resume that will make you stand out as a candidate for prospective employees.

In addition, once you qualify, the school will also offer job placement assistance, putting you in touch with their network of employer contacts to see if there’s an opportunity that could fit with you.

Sunrise School of Dental Assisting

The Sunrise School of dental assisting is located 9 minutes south of Triangles, near the Falls Church neighborhood. The program allows you to choose between the DA1 and DA2 qualifications, depending on the skill level that you want to reach.

As part of the course, participants get 3 hours’ training in sterilization and infection control.

You also get a minimum of seven hours of radiology training on completing dental x-rays and a 3-hour course in office emergencies, including how to perform CPR.

Conclusion: Which Is the Better School?

The Sunrise School of dental assisting offers you all the necessary skills and competencies to become an effective and valued assistant when you go out and work in the industry – and allows you to choose between the DA1 and DA2 qualifications.

However, the ultimate purpose of a dental assist qualification is to find employment in the sector. And If you’re new to the industry, knowing where to find a job can be tough. That’s why the resume advice and job placement support from the Triangle School of dental assisting could offer an advantage over Sunrise.

For other training options in North Carolina, see this page.

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