Studying Dental Assisting At Community Care College In Tulsa

A career in dental assisting provides a rewarding atmosphere for students. A workplace environment where helping others takes priority means that students will be able to engage with others and provide excellent oral care through the training they receive at Community Care College. 

Learn more about the programwith our review and see if it’s the right school for you. 

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Community Care College Review

Dental Assisting at Community Care College includes a hybrid learning experience between the traditional classroom environment and hands-on experience in the on-campus dental lab. A variety of practices and techniques are covered, such as sterilization procedures, radiography, dental impressions, and patient care. 

Hands-on work teaches students to utilize the proper tools, such as gloves and masks, to prioritize the safety of the patient as well as their own. The engaging work encourages students to practice with the utmost care to ensure they are providing quality service to their community.

Career Opportunities

Through the coursework for dental assisting at Community Care College, students will be exposed to several career paths and the opportunities they provide. Students will learn about general dentistry, as well as orthodontics, periodontics, sales, and insurance. 

The coursework will help guide students towards the specialty they align with best, and encourage them to make connections with others in their program. Through networking, opportunities outside the classroom arise. The Career Services Department can help take advantage of these opportunities and guide students towards their goals.


With an effective chair-side manner and proper training, dental assistants ease the anxiety of the patients they work with. It is their job to keep the patient calm and focused while also assisting the dentist with their work. The techniques practiced in the dental assisting program ensure that ethical behaviors are used when engaging with patients.

Creating a sense of community with patients is essential in providing excellent oral care. The college emphasizes community involvement through volunteer opportunities, which can be used to obtain additional experience outside the classroom. Making these connections in the community also opens up doors to networking and better opportunities in the future.

Is Community Care College Right for You?

When it comes to dental assisting, Community Care College offers a program that focuses on using updated techniques to provide quality oral treatment and educates students on how to better work with patients to meet their needs. The college offers services to students to help them navigate their field upon graduation, allowing them to take full advantage of the opportunities they come across throughout the program.

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