Which Is Better For Dental Assisting in OKC: Platt College or Francis Tuttle?

Are you looking to study dental assisting in Oklahoma City but can’t decide between Platt College or Francis Tuttle? There’s so much to think about from the course itself, your qualifications, and life on campus. 

If you’re struggling to make this decision, read on to see the differences between both dental assisting at Platt College and Francis Tuttle.

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Program Details

Completion Timeline

The first noticeable difference between dental assisting at Francis Tuttle and Platt College is the time it takes to complete the program. At Platt College, it will take 15 -18 months, while at Francis Tuttle, most students graduate in 10 months.

Lecture and Hands-On Training

Both programs also combine theoretical and hands-on experience. At Platt College, you will experience practical training as well as classroom-based learning, amounting to a total of 68 credit hours. 

However, Francis Tuttle is better known for its wide variety of subjects and intensive hands-on training. From August to May, students attend on-campus classes during the week and attend clinical days at specific sites. 

Career Prospects

Francis Tuttle Technology Center - Rockwell Campus Review

In terms of careers, Francis Tuttle Technology Center – Rockwell Campus highlights that their students have a pass rate of 83% and tend to earn an average of $16.36/hr following graduation. This school also suggests future career roles their students can take on, including:

  • Dental schools
  • Research
  • Public health
  • Government clinics

Platt College does not highlight or guarantee their students can enter into these various roles but says their students can enter into entry-level dentistry roles, such as dental assistants or technicians, and work up towards advanced positions in this field. 

Platt College emphasizes the skills their students learn, including:

  • Radiology
  • Infection control
  • Document processing

Life On Campus

Other than studying dental assisting at Francis Tuttle, students are encouraged to learn beyond the classroom through extracurriculars. The school believes that participating in career tech organizations prepares students for the world of work beyond what they learn in school. Students at Francis Tuttle can choose to dine on campus and socialize with a four-course meal four nights of the week. 

However, Platt College is focused on providing an education to students without extracurricular opportunities or campus life.


Platt College and Francis Tuttle offer everything you need to become a dental assistant and prepare to pass exams for certification. However, there are some key differences. Francis Tuttle takes less time to complete and offers more versatile training, the program hours are much more intense. Platt College’s program is less demanding but takes more time to complete and doesn’t offer the same campus life opportunities as Francis Tuttle. 

If you can’t decide between dental assisting at Platt College or Francis Tuttle, we recommend thinking about what matters most to you: a less intensive work schedule or a faster program with longer hours every week training and campus amenities?

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