Studying Dental Assisting at Houston Community College

If you’re considering studying dental assisting in Houston, Texas, you have probably heard great things about Houston Community College’s program. But is dental assisting at Houston Community College right for you? And what kind of opportunities does it offer to students? 

Use this guide to help you determine if this degree program is right for your future career.

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Houston Community College Review

The Dental Assisting program at Houston Community College takes students on a year-long track that sets them on their career path. Graduates who pass exams and complete coursework will leave with an Associate of Applied Science degree for Dental Assisting. At this point, they can become licensed and certified to begin work in the field once they have been verified by the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners.

From start to end, this program takes 12 months. That means potential students are just over a year away from having their A.A.S. degree in Dental Assisting.

Hands-On Lab Experience

The degree is 60 credit hours in total, with some semesters being full-time 12-credit-hour semesters. Some semesters, though, require as little as 4 hours or even 1 hour but include more field experience.

As part of each student’s essential training, classes have access to onsite labs for hands-on practice. You don’t have to wait until you’re out of school to get started. At Houston Community College, students can begin familiarizing themselves with dental assisting from the very start in this state-of-the-art program facility.

You will practice using tools and equipment, learning safety protocol, and even perfecting patient relations in a real dentist’s space. Coursework covers topics from chairside assisting to dental radiology

One-on-one Education

With an impressive student-to-teacher ratio of 43 to 1, each dental assistant student will have access to their instructors to ask questions and receive help. This substantial community college has a population of 57,200 students as of 2020. This impressive student population for a community college means more resources and more recognition without losing the one-on-one attention of a small college.

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