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Becoming a Dental Assistant in El Paso, Texas

Full of rich history, heritage and natural beauty, El Paso lies along the Rio Grande on the far west side of Texas. The city holds a fun night life with historic venues like the Plaza Theater and is home to attractions such as the Holocaust Museum and the National Border Patrol Museum.

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El Paso is an ideal city for new dental assistants to live and work. In the ever-growing field of dentistry, dental assistants offer a variety of skills to small and large offices to improve functionality. On a typical day, a dental assistant may administer intravenous sedation or take notes for the dentist during a dental exam.

El Paso Schools for Dental Assistants

The Texas Dental Assistant Association (TDAA) requires that any dental assistants who take x-rays or administer sedation must be registered as RDAs with state-approved radiology training. While any respected training program will help dental assistants begin their careers, an accredited education path will lead to the most certification options and better jobs.

El Paso Community College Review
El Paso Community College
  • El Paso Community College. This public school offers an associate degree in dental assisting and a dental assisting certificate. Upon graduating from either of these programs, students can test for their national Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) credential or pursue Texas state’s RDA certification.

Career Outlook and Salary Expectations

When considering salary for dental assistants, it’s important to remember that different levels of certification produce different incomes. With that in mind, El Paso dental assistants made a mean income of $15.04 per hour in 2017, with 820 dental assistants employed in the area. With Texas’s employment for dental assistants predicted to rise 22 percent by 2026, El Paso dental assistants are on the road to a steady job field. Read more about Texas dental assistants here.

Working as a Dental Assistant in El Paso

Most dental assistants work typical weekday, nine-to-five jobs, leaving them free time to explore the great outdoors surrounding El Paso. The Franklin Mountains state park lies just outside the city, and Mexico’s beautiful landscapes can be seen in the distance. There is authentic Mexican food everywhere, providing endless options to El Paso residents’ palates. Dental assistants lucky enough to live in El Paso have a balanced life with a great career outlook.

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