Bates Technical College vs. Tacoma Dental Assistant School: Which Is Best for Dental Assisting in Tacoma?

When choosing a dental assistant school in Tacoma, Washington, researching the programs is critical. You’ll need to ensure you enroll in the right program for your needs and budget. You’ll also need to consider the suitability of your potential college’s location, depending on where you live in the beautiful, vibrant city. 

Bates Technical College and Tacoma Dental Assistant School offer complete dental assistant courses. Let’s have a review of the structure of each college option. 

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Bates Technical College

Bates Technical College review

Founded in 1940, Bates Technical College has developed a wealth of knowledge over the years. Its 11-month course is perfect for students wanting to immerse themselves in the field and learn real-world skills, and the Commission on Dental Accreditation endorses this college. It covers classroom study, laboratory and clinical internships. Classes are available on campus, online, or both. 

Bates teaches dentist assistant schooling through hands-on study. The college’s classrooms look like a dentist’s office or laboratory. The real-world setting helps students build the relevant skills they will need in the workplace. The college also has an active campus calendar to help students network and develop additional skill sets.

With its long-standing history in the field and its excellent reputation, students from the Bates dental assistant school in Tacoma are highly sought-after by dental offices upon graduation.

Tacoma Dental Assistant School

This dental assistant school in Tacoma is affordable and has flexible payment options. The school helps people study assistant dentistry as a new vocation when undergoing a career change. The course is just nine weeks, but it packs in all the necessary details, from instrument sterilization to giving post-operative instructions. 

Candidates get to do much of their work online on their own time. So, it’s a convenient option for people who are also working. The course consists of weekly online, pre-recorded seminars, online study activities, and hands-on lab activities. Students get a 4.5-hour session in a real dentistry office each Saturday to promote lab and field experience. 

The course also includes a 40-hour externship, where students work under the guidance of a dental professional to gain work experience. The college’s website also has a portal to help employers find and hire graduates. 


If you’re fresh out of school, looking for the full college experience and an in-depth course, Bates Technical College is likely what you need.

Tacoma Dental Assistant School may be more suitable if you are looking for a convenient program to help you make a seamless career change. 

Ultimately, each dental assistant school in Tacoma is great for launching a career, and the right one for you depends on your situation. 

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