Studying Dental Hygiene at Seattle Central College

Seattle Central College offers an Associates and Bachelors of Applied Science (BAS) degree program in dental hygiene.

This prestigious oral health program prepares students to pass their licensure exams upon graduation and start a successful career as a dental hygienist. 

Keep reading this review to find out if this is the program for you!

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Intensive Coursework

Washington requires dental hygienists to earn their credentials through a program accredited by the American Dental Association to get licensure.

The accredited program at Seattle Central College is intended for full-time students taking a full course load and takes eight quarters to complete. Once they’ve met the prerequisites in education, the typical track for a BAS student is:

Associates of Applied Science-Transfer in Allied Health Degree

At the end of the second quarter of coursework, which puts students at approximately 30 credit hours, students receive their transfer associates degree. If they completed coursework at a community college or other program, they would enter the program in quarter three.

Bachelor of Applied Science in Allied Health – Dental Hygiene Degree

Quarters three through eight cover topics ranging from anesthesia to oral pathology. Credits recommended per quarter can be more intensive than other programs, ranging from a standard 12 to a whopping 19 credit hours.

Students also begin to have lab and clinical opportunities available in this portion of the dental hygiene Seattle Central College degree program. The capstone project is also a significant aspect of the latter half of the program.

By the time students graduate, they will have completed 195 program credits.

Hands-On Experience

Dental hygiene Seattle Central College students access real clinical experience beyond classroom lab work. Through a partnership with Neighborcare and Delta Dental, these students can train with licensed dentists in an operational, clinical setting at the Dental Education Clinic. Students have found that this hands-on experience helps with job placement after graduation.

At the Dental Education Clinic, students can see the processes they learn about in class executed expertly by a professional in front of their eyes. It is a valuable opportunity to ask questions and get practice time with experts.

Seattle Central College Review

Seattle Central College’s Dedication to Individual Attention

Dental hygiene is a high-earning profession, but getting a job can be challenging without the right education. With a campus population of 6,802, students know that they are getting a face-to-face, individualized education on this campus. 

The faculty to student ratio is an impressive 26:1, meaning that classes are small and no one’s questions get lost in the lecture crowd. There is time to give each student ample attention and ensure that everyone gets the education they deserve. 

Enroll Today

With a rigorous degree program, hands-on experiences, and individual attention, there’s a reason that you’ll find one of the top schools for dental hygiene at Seattle Central College.

Could studying dental hygiene at Seattle Central College be right for you? Decide today and enroll for the new semester.

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