South Puget Sound Community College vs. Olympia Dental Assistant School

Do you want to know which dental assistant school in Olympia is right for you? Before deciding which institution to attend, it’s important you know all the details about the program offered at each school.

Below we review and compare the programs offered at South Puget Sound Community College and the Olympia Dental Assistant School.  

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South Puget Sound Community College

South Puget Sound Community College Review

The South Puget dental assistant program in Olympia is located right off the 101 highway. It has prerequisite requirements and a special application process to attend the eight-quarter, 96-credit program. 

The program is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation and allows students to receive part of their hands-on training in the on-campus clinic. Costs for the program amount to $3,206 for supplies and registration, in addition to college tuition.

An Associate in Applied Science Degree is awarded to those who complete a minimum of 90 credits in 100 level courses and above. Transition studies students have several options for their starting point into the program if they have already completed some of the prerequisites. 

Experienced dental assistants can advance their training by returning to campus for face-to-face evening courses to earn additional licensure as an Expanded Function Dental Auxiliary

Olympia Dental Assistant School

The Olympia Dental Assistant School in Olympia is located near a busy commercial area by Interstate 5, with quick access to many supermarkets and convenience stores and even the Olympia Regional Airport. The program is a 9-week course that takes place in a dental office rather than in a classroom.

Each week consists of a combination of pre-recorded lectures, learning activities, and hands-on lab skills posted online. This material is completed during the week, in the safety of your home. On Saturdays, students will attend a 4.5-hour lecture dedicated to lab skills in a dental office in WA. This hybrid curriculum includes in-person labs once a week. 

Classes are offered at multiple locations and times to accommodate students who work full-time. The total cost of tuition is $3,690, but you can take advantage of four flexible payment plans. Tuition also includes a set of scrubs and all required materials, excluding the textbook.

A 40-hour externship through the program is offered to provide students with real-world experience. And members at the on-campus career services will discuss job opportunities after graduation. 

Making a Decision 

Hopefully, this guide gives you a better idea about which dental assistant school in Olympia is right for you. Both schools offer high-quality dental assistant training in Washington state, but Olympia Dental Assistant School’s tuition is slightly lower and requires less time.

However, deciding which institution to attend depends on what skills you hope to learn and your preferred learning environment. If you would prefer a degree over a certificate, then South Puget Sound Community College is the better option.

We recommend getting in touch with an advisor on each campus if you have any additional questions about the programs.  

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