Best Dental Assistant Program in The Pacific Northwest 

Are you ready to attend the best dental assistant school in the Pacific Northwest? Before you enroll, you should make sure you know about each program available in this large region. There are many options to choose from, and each offers unique perks to consider. 

Below we compare the programs offered at two popular options for dental assistant school in the Pacific Northwest: Vancouver Dental Assisting School and the Pacific Northwest Dental Assisting School. 

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Vancouver Dental Assisting School

This dental assistant school in the Pacific Northwest is located in Vancouver, WA, near Interstate 5. VDAS is a private school providing a program of study that allows students with little to no experience to begin a dental assistant career in Washington State. The ten-week, 80-hour program includes classroom and clinical training in a state-of-the-art dental office. Students can expect to learn the following: 

  • Basic theory
  • Assistance practices
  • Radiography
  • Cosmetics

The course also includes necessary AIDS/HIV training and CPR certification.

The program comfortably accommodates a class size of 15 students in both the lecture and lab portions. Lecture sessions take place in an upper room classroom of the building. Students learn in five patient treatment rooms equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

Tuition for the ten courses is $6,345 and includes the perks of: 

  • One-on-one attention
  • Direct feedback from instructors and dentists
  • Resume and interview preparation

This is an ADA-accessible facility with parking available in a well-lit parking lot close to public transit.

Columbia River Crossing Interstate Bridge
Columbia River Crossing Interstate Bridge


Pacific Northwest Dental Assisting School

This dental assistant school in the Pacific Northwest is located in Camas, Washington, near the Columbia River, approximately 20 minutes from VDAS. It provides the opportunity for students to observe real dental procedures at their off-site affiliated practice. Students are even offered the perk of their own treatment discounts. 

Training and lectures are condensed into a 12-week program. Students spend less time in the classroom and more time receiving hands-on training. Training includes 144 hours of classroom study and 50 hours of a hands-on internship. 

Tuition is $5,995 for a flexible class schedule, including nights and weekend options available for students who work in addition to their studies on campus. Students learn about cement and impressions and restorative care in addition to the basics of radiography and cosmetics. 

Prospective students interested but not quite ready to enroll are invited to speak with the instructors about sitting in on a class or shadowing a licensed dentist at their on-site dental practice. 

Choosing the Best Program

Hopefully, this guide gives you some insight into what two of the top dental assistant schools in the Pacific Northwest have to offer. Both schools offer a fast education, flexible schedule, and low tuition compared to other institutions that provide degrees. However, Pacific Northwest Dental Assisting School focuses on hands-on training, while Vancouver Dental Assisting School students spend more time in lectures.

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